03 May 2008

intentionally shirking responsibilities

Admittedly, I tend to move at a slower pace in the mornings on the weekends. The fact that I don't have to be anywhere (and if I do, its someplace I want to go to, not have to go to) makes the adrenaline slow to kick in. Still, I usually get moving and get on with the day in a reasonable amount of time.

But when I came downstairs today to suck down my morning requirement of caffeine, I found myself mesmerized by a movie. One I had seen before. One that wasn't that fascinating. And that's when I knew there was an issue...

I get to a point where my To-do list begins to rival an epic novel. Its there right now and usually when that happens, there is a part of my psyche that freaks out and I get overwhelmed and do....absolutely nothing.

So I decided that today, rather then doing my impression of a chicken with no head running around frantically, I would step back and do something I don't normally do...take the day for myself. (I think Julia Cameron calls it an Artist Date. I call it a Sanity Reality Check.)

Plymouth is putting on a new fair this weekend, their first Go Green Street Fair. I decided to go check it out. And it was pretty good.

There is a part of me that finds it mildly ironic that in order to get people to care about the environment, it had to become a trend but the end result is the same so I guess it doesn't matter. People were out in full force.

There were vendors of all kinds. Lots of food, some art booths, lots of informative booths and many doggie treat booths. Those were very easy to spot as not a single dog could go past without dragging its owner closer. Love the poochies.

The place was rampant with babies and doggies and I'd say it was a big success. (My only complaint being that the city decided to allow a starbucks and caribou coffee tent to set up on the same street as our local coffee house. Which is somewhat ironic considering the fair is littered with BUY LOCAL fliers. Hmmm...wonder who botched that one?)

They had a small stage set up by the park and a band was playing. Moms and kids were dancing by the fountain and there was a general feeling of contentment in the air.

Here was one of my favorite things:

The fountain in the park is running. I love it, its so pretty.

I did pick up a couple things:

A tote bag to feed my addiction and some handmade soap. I'm a sucker for both things. (The soap with the green label smells like a spearmint altoids. Yum. Dooley tried to lick it.)

After the fair I met up with Mary for her lunch break and we went and ate Mexican food. (I did do one responsible thing and went grocery shopping so I wasn't a total bum.) I also picked up some ply board to make print boards, which is what I plan on doing tonight. There is something new I want to try and it fits in real well with my mood of not wanting to do anything I should be doing right now.

But first I have to finish these:

...and eat a couple.

I love being a slacker.

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Kim Hambric said...

Sounds like a fantastic day, especially with those cookies. By the way, it is NOT slacking -- it is recharging.