12 May 2008

it's entirely my fault...

...and I completely apologize.

The Michigan weather has turned cold and wet and surly...and I'm feeling responsible for it.

I did three things that Mother Nature could not overlook.

1.) Dooley got his summer haircut.
(My little man lost about fifty pounds of fur and is looking teeny and delicate. And he now has to wear his little courdoury coat when we go for walks in the evening. He keeps looking at me sideways as if to say, "Jerk, couldn't you wait for summer?" Sorry buddy.)

2.) I finished knitting my wool socks...and then whined that I couldn't wear them because the weather was too warm.

3.) I've been shopping for new sandals. (I still haven't found any I like, if you know of an awesome brand, let me know. I have a bad back so they have to actually have some support and no wedge heels.)

I've mouthed off to Mother Nature on more the one occasion because the weather here is proof positive that she is moody and generally uncooperative.

She's taking revenge now...sorry everyone.

Sock knitting notes

A quick note about sock knitting resources...I did take a class. I met with my teacher twice and she was fantastic. But the book and online videos I used were beyond helpful.

The book I used (recommended by Lynne-the-Sock-Knitting-Goddess who taught me) was The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns and is a general formula type of book that tells you how many stitches you need to make something based off the gauge you get. It has socks and mittens and hats and a few other things. And if I can follow it, anyone can.

I also found videos from Knittinghelp.com to be very...well, helpful. Which is apparently the point of the site so I'd say its successful.

I also found YouTube to be an invaluable resource for knitting videos. My favorite being videos from theknitwitch. She's the goddess that showed me how to do the kitchner stitch. Doing a search on YouTube in general produces a TON of videos on pretty much any technique you're not sure how to do.

Hope that helps. Go forth, make socks. Apparently we all need them now that the weather has decided to go cold again...


Anonymous said...

Mephistos are the best sandels I have ever owned. They aren't cheap, but they are worth it.

Kim Hambric said...

I hate summer, 'cause I hate sandals. I can never find anything myself. I have a bad ankle, need arch support and have really narrow feet. In winter I can shove my feet into boots along with arch inserts, ankle braces and whatnot & nobody knows. I've ordered 8 pairs from Zappos and Shoebuy and have sent them all back. Thank heaven for free return shipping. I'm intrigued by your sandals link & will check into that. I've been wearing Propet, but this year they've let me down.