31 May 2008

hiding under the bed

I am still here, still putzing around with different projects. Still tinkering with exhibits and getting odd looks from people as I take pictures of my feet in different places.

I don't know how many new posts I've started and deleted, I'm just way overwhelmed at the moment. You wouldn't think that your job transferring to another city could create so much emotional upheaval but believe me you, this red-head is wound pretty tight right now.

I know logically that everything will work itself out and when I decide to move (have I ever mentioned how much I despise moving? I'd rather walk barefoot across hot coals. Hate it, hate it, hate it.) that I will make the right choice but right now? Right now I'm feeling a bit like I need one of those special white coats with extra long sleeves.

Add to that the fact that my car has decided to rebel against me and I've reached new heights of grumpiness. We won't discuss the amount of money that was needed to fix it but let's just say there were entirely too many numbers in the total line on the bill.

Mary and I spent the day yesterday roaming the city. We are a wandering pair when time allows. We ended up visiting a really cool quilt shop called Material Girls and then Greenfield Village and then to a free form crochet class at Artisan Knitworks and then to the Pegasus in Greektown for dinner.

Here is one of my favorite photos from Greenfield Village, this guy was yelling at me when I shot this because I had the nerve to approach the edge without any food to offer:

The free form crochet class was good. Although what I made during the course of the class looks like something a granny on crack would make. Clearly I need to practice a bit and I refuse to show you until it looks halfway decent. I love that yarn shop, I plan to go live there.

It was the kind of day that was needed. I wonder if its too early for me to retire? Yeah, probably too soon. Where's my knitting? Nothing like a good knit to make you feel better...


bj parady said...

I'm about two months ahead of you on this whole 'job transferring to another city' thing...it'll get easier. For now, just breathe. And maybe do something physically tiring.

Barbara H. said...

I'm wondering who taught the freeform crochet class, because I wonder if it's someone I know. Join us at Yahoo if you catch the freeform bug (FFCrochet), and you can see our online challenge exhibits here: http://intff.org/. It can be addictive!