16 May 2008

the chickens agree

The chickens and I have been staring at this quilt for the past week...and we agree.

It needs stuff.

I was trying to make it just fabric and thread but its starting to make me all twitchy. I figured if I stitched the snot out of it, then I could trick myself into the fact that its fairly flat and not my usual collage style.


Apparently I'm not that easy to trick.

So when I got home from work today, I grabbed a couple objects and laid them out. My muse breathed a sigh of relief, it was what it needed for it to look right.

I'd show you it with the stuff but they were the wrong color, I was mostly looking at shape. Now I need to find the right shape in the right color and the heavens will open and the angels will sing...or not. At the least I'll stop feeling like I want a margarita every time I walk by it.

My mother suggested that perhaps I had a touch of OCD about the whole thing. I just stared at her, you'd think after having me around for so many years she would realize this is just the way things go. Now that I have a resolution for that little naggy feeling that something wasn't right, it should be an easy walk to the finish line.

Now I just need to find my little three dimensional friends in a color that works with the quilt and I can move on to obsess about the next thing...its a Virgo thing.

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