09 May 2008

the perfect summer accessory

Nothing goes better with a summer BBQ then a brand new pair of hand knit wool socks.


The Olive & Pimento socks are done. Finished. Completed. Over. Viola! (I'm tired, can't think of any other words for finished.)

There were a couple sketchy moments there toward the end when I started to question the directions in the book. But I came to my senses and decided that the book was smarter then me as it had obviously knit socks many times and these were my first pair. So I cooperated and followed the directions and I have to say, I think they came out pretty nifty.

I did go online and look up a video for the kitchner stitch. If you are like me and go cross eyed when faced with written directions for something you've not done before, check out the video. I'm convinced its a gift from the heavens.

When I feel stressed, I knit. (Expect a bedspread and wedding gown soon, there is much relief required.) And these were so close to done, I figured I should attack them and get them filed in the finished objects category.

Feels darn good too.

Now I'm moving on to my mom's socks. With any luck, they'll be done by her birthday (in December)...


Leann said...

Yeahh! Congratulations! They're beautiful!

Pattie said...

Ha! Glad you finished them! I was going to teach myself 'how to' in the socks dept., you were my mentor on that one! It's kinda like my baby afghan...it might be done by her HS graduation!
Anyhoo, nice lookin' - and a good fit, it appears!

Anonymous said...

They are BEAUTIFUL! And thank you for the kitchener stitch video link. I have a sock ready to finish, but the thought of doing that stitch again makes me want to 1). turn the completed sock of this pair into a Christmas stocking for my cat and 2). just toss the uncompleted one in the garbage.