29 May 2008

this really isn't a monumental decision...

…but you would think it was for how many times I’ve mulled the idea over in my head.

I’m thinking again about getting one of these devils. There is a Viking U-Sew in the Joann’s I frequent most often and every time I walk by it I stealthily sit down in the seat an proceed to do the demo.

They’ve stared looking at me funny. Its getting to the point that if I left a project in my purse, I could probably get it finished up for how many times I’ve sat down to play at it.

I have a lot of design sketches in my notebook for an organic series of fiber art. For the longest time I wasn’t really sure how I would execute that until the temptress Deb started doing lots of work with wool in it.

Her work is gorgeous.

And the feel of it hits the mark like a ton of bricks for the work I had in mind.

I have wool roving that would make excellent foundations for these pieces if only I felted them. Needle or wet felting by hand is not really an option for me. I’m fairly confident I’m already pushing my luck with the amount of handwork I do since I always need to wear a wrist brace when I work. Felting by hand would surely push my wrist into rebellion so I keep going back to look at the machines.

So I figured I would ask the collective wisdom of the blog: anyone out there got one? Which brand and are you glad you picked one up?


tricia mckellar said...

Hey Lynn, I haven't used the felt machines, but Paula Scaffidi (a real sweetheart) at fiberella.com has used lots of them. I think she compares some brands on her site...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you borrow mine for awhile and give it a try.