05 May 2008

Ready? Set? GO!!!!

Asian Fall
Angie Platten

Collage Mania opens today. (I picked up the two collages featured in this post and I can't wait to get them in person!) It only runs today and tomorrow so be sure to go take a look at it, you totally don't want to miss out on this opportunity to own some awesome artwork!

Collage Mania is another fantastic fundraiser that has been organized by Virginia Spiegel for Fiberart for a Cause. 235 collages were donated by 100 generous artists from around the world. Each one is available for you to be the new owner simply through a donation to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart for a Cause.

Today, collages are available for a $80 donation.

Tomorrow they are available for a $40 donation.

Think about how much we spend on our hobbies, on things that make us happy. Consider spending that money on a collage over the next couple days and help improve the life of a cancer patient and their family.

But don't wait too long or your favorite might be gone! So head on over there and let's help make a difference!!! :)

Full Circle 2
Sherrie Tootle

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