23 May 2008

say "cheese!"

I'm on a nice long lovely mellow pleasant slow-paced FIVE day weekend. (Can't tell that I'm enjoying it, can you?) One of the perks of working for a corporation is that you usually get some nice time off for holiday weekends and I got friday and monday off for memorial day. Toss in an extra vacation day on thursday and you're looking at one happy red-head.

So this is what I did today:

On my to-do list for a while now has been photographing an art challenge that members of the fiber art group I belong to completed. We're pretty much mixed media artists so this particular challenge didn't really revolve around fiber. The results are pretty awesome.

The challenge was to take two 6"x6" hunks of wood and make a chair out of it. You could pick any theme you wanted. There were 11 total but here are a few of them:

Leann's chair
(technically its the back, its just as cool as the front)

Sidney's chair
(Sidney makes cool jewelry too, go visit her etsy shop.)

Jackie's chair

Joan's chair

I'd show you the rest but I've maxed out on the photo editing today. Take my word for it, they all rock and if all goes well, you'll see them soon in a magazine article.

In other news, I received my minions today in the mail.

Before I went to IQF in April, my brother introduced me to Dunnys. He told me about the store Rotofugi so Mary and I went out there to pick up a couple for him and my sister-in-law. While I was there, I found these guys, they're called Ciboys. They have squishy jelly helmets and stumpy little bodies and I find them mesmerizing.

The gimmick with these things is that you buy them blind box. Meaning the boxes are sealed and you don't know which one you are getting. I bought two of the ciboys when I was at Rotofugi and kind of wanted a couple more but I decided to go about it another way.

I cheated.

I bought these guys on ebay. Maybe its not as adventurous as how you are supposed to purchase them but screw it. I only wanted certain ones.

Moving on to the next unrelated topic for which I have no segway...there has been progress on mom's sock:

Why is the sock posed with the ciboys? Because my camera began making a squawking noise that the battery was dying and I didn't have time to fling the creepy little creatures off the laptop and pose the sock.

So now it just kind of looks like they are stalking the poor thing. Maybe I can teach them how to knit, might speed things up.

I'm going to go cuddle this guy now:

Little man had his yearly check-up this morning. He's a really good boy about the whole thing. I think I freaked out more then he did. They drew blood from his neck this time instead of a paw. The look on his face when they jabbed him was not good but he didn't fight it. Still, made me all twitchy when they did it.

He's not feeling so good, he's been real clingy all day. Poor little man, he needs hugs. Time to go knit and love the westie.


Anonymous said...

Love the chairs challenge, such a great idea. and much love to the handsome little man!

Kari said...

What a cutie!