15 May 2008

what topic would the blog pick?

I have to admit that I am truly in awe of artists that work in a series. And not only in a series, but ones that carry through to 25, 50, even 100 pieces all related to each other.

A couple of my absolute favorites are Jeanne Williamson's Orange Construction Fence series and Virginia Spiegel's Boundary Waters series.

It leads me to wondering…what subject would move me enough to want to continue to explore it? There are a lot of topics I really like but I wonder if I would have the gumption to really keep on trucking with it, piece after piece after piece.

I’ve been working in little teeny tiny series. Meaning if I get five pieces out a topic I feel like a superhero that has conquered the world. But now I’m thinking more along the lines of a subject I could really settle into, really sink my teeth into. I guess I kind of already do series work with my Where I Stand Sunday photo essay but I'm thinking more now in terms of fiber art...

Do you suppose its intentional or just something that happens spontaneously?

So I figured I would ask the blog…if you could pick one topic to make dozens of pieces of artwork about…what would it be???


kathy said...

apparently the uterus. I didn't actually PICK it though.

Leann said...

Well, skulls do kinda tend to show up in my work...

City Girl Quilter said...


Kim Hambric said...

I'm laughing about the uterus one!!!! I did try one of these personal quilts, but have yet to get the nerve to photograph it. My largest series (12 pieces) was in response to "big agriculture" "encouraging" farmers to purchase their seeds instead of the farmer saving his own. I may get back to this series, as I am still irritated (and possibly always will be).

The series I begin are pretty much spontaneous. I like something, I stay with it. I stop liking it, I stop doing it. I didn't start being an artist so I could do what I thought I SHOULD do.

Some ideas for series that have crossed my mind lately.
- Bladder control
- rocks
- angry fish

Just keep doing what you do best