26 June 2008

stocking the iPod

Okay, I'm coming to the collective wisdom here...

I have what is now called an iPod Classic (which means I am stubborn and refuse to buy the latest and greatest one because this one still works well and is no where near full) and I've decided to stock it to the hilt so I can entertain myself during my daily drive to and from the other side of the planet.

I've got a pretty diverse taste for music and I subscribe to a couple podcasts but I'd love some suggestions. I downloaded some George Carlin stuff tonight (I'm so bummed he died) so comedian suggestions are also welcome.

I may even be willing to listen to an audio book. I've not found one yet that doesn't creep me out (not sure why they have that effect on me, I'm always looking over my shoulder thinking there is someone behind me) but I'd be open to trying one if anyone knows of one they thought was stellar.

So help a girl out: what do you like to listen to for big chunks of time?


Virginia said...

Lynn, I listen to tapes when I'm sewing. One of the last ones that I enjoyed is "Garden Spells". Our book/quilt group chose it to read it then design a quilt based on it. When I first started reading it, I thought it was like a romance novel, but the more I got into it, there was a lot more there. If you are feeling stressed I think this might be one you enjoy. I ended up listening to it five times and am now designing my work about it. Another one is "Three Cups of Tea."

Laura Krasinski said...

Hi Lynn... I"m finally catching up on your blog posts.. I love my ipod.. I have the classic too.. I have had it for years.. I have over 2,200 songs on it along with podcasts (vidcasts) Bonnie Mc's being my favorite.. and tons of photos.. Love it!! As far as listening to music...it is hard to decide.. often I just let it shuffle.. I listen to everything from Rock to Country to Jazz to Blues to Hip Hop... But, some of my favorites are Ricky Tims and Yes... Enjoy your ipod... (PS.. I'm kind of an ipod guru.. if you ever have a problem with it let me know.. I can usually fix minor things by pressing buttons and etc... )

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