26 June 2008

in which I attempt to organize my brain

I am once again in one of those phases where my mind is jittery with too many things at one time. I actually had to write myself a note yesterday to remember to go to the meeting for the fiber art group I belong to. I considered that a bad sign.

I’ve never been much of a morning person and I’m still unsure of what kind of psychotic spirit possessed me and made me think that I could pull off getting up at 5am everyday. So we’re skipping that, sleeping an extra forty minutes every morning and still making it to work in an hour. My anxiety level has dropped significantly and I’m a bit worried about myself that it took me a whole week’s worth of abuse to figure it out. (I am often described as being bright. Not so sure anymore.)

So since I’m not super cohesive at the moment, I’ve got a rambly list of thoughts for this post:

1. I get alllllllllll next week off work. They call it ‘shutdown’, I call it a mental health break. Its as close as I come to a summer vacation and while I would prefer three months instead of one week, I’ll take what I can get.

2. I plan to treat shutdown like I did my Christmas vacation – get some artwork done and try to get my life in order. This plan is somewhat questionable as I made a list of things I’d like to accomplish and it could be enough proof to have me committed to the looney bin. I have once again decided that I do not require any kind of rest, sleep, time to eat or a second to breathe. Don’t worry, my body is good at rebelling against my stupidity, I’ll slow down somewhere along the line.

3. I’m invading IKEA tonight for one of these. I already have two of its larger siblings in my bedroom but I am apparently a book whore and can’t stop buying them. (I blame amazon.com and their free shipping if you spend $25. Damn amazon.com, you are such an enabler.) Since I’ve chosen to put my moving plans on hold indefinitely, so I’m going to attack my bedroom and get it in order.

4. I’m a bit frightened of the dust army that has assembled in my bedroom. I’d love to call it the traditional cute “dust bunnies” but that would imply a little tuft and wisp here and there. These things are mutants and I’m going in armed.

5. Dooley is going to get his teeth cleaned on Monday. (This involves knocking him out.) I’m trying to convince my mom to drop him off as he is sure to hate whoever leaves him there to be tortured. So far she isn’t buying it.

6. A male friend of mine asked me to explain what the needle felting machine was. I told him and he responded with, “So you are violently stabbing sheep hair with barbed needles?” Um…yeah…although I now have visions of the shower scene from Psycho in my head and the wool roving screaming “Mother, no!” every time I sit down to the machine.

7. I came close to discovering a way around the needle guard on the needle felting machine. Allow me to impart my knowledge: don’t put your hand under whatever you are felting to help guide it. (Yes, you may now call me a stupidhead, I deserve it.)

8. If anyone has a suggestion for ways to get rid of mosquitoes that don’t involve spraying yourself down with toxic waste, I’m all ears. I am apparently a buffet for them and beginning to get annoyed with all the hot pink welts on me. (Maybe I should let myself burn a little, then it would all be the same color and blend nicely.)

9. There are three things in life I will never understand: 1) why people feel it is polite to talk on the phone while they are going to the bathroom (the fact that bathrooms are sectioned off for individual privacy should be a hint that its meant to be a solitary activity) ; 2) why I require all of these at work: voice mail, desk phone, email, instant message, net meeting and cell phone. Do people loose the ability to get up and walk once they are here?; 3) why people think mushrooms are good to eat. They are fungus people. Would you like me to discuss what kind of conditions they need to grow? Let’s just say it has much to do with what goes on in #1 of this sub-list.

10. I bought lime green and chocolate brown sock yarn the other day and it made me intensely happy. I think I need a twelve step.

I expect that with no work for a week, I will get into some kind of interesting trouble to blog about. I’m sure it will fly by, seems that I’m even busier when I’m home then when I’m at work. Odd, but true.

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Gisela Towner said...

#2 is exactly why I don't make lists...
I can sure relate to #6 -- it's hard to explain the concept of a needlefelting machine to a non-fiber-freak person!
#8 -- mosquitoes -- try some Avon Skin-so-soft. Works for me. :)
Gisela in Ohio