07 June 2008

adding insult to injury

I've come to terms with a lot of things lately.

I've accepted that my drive to work will be quadrupled. (We're talking time wise, not distance wise. Although its disturbing all by itself that it will take me an hour to drive 31 miles but let's not go there.)

I've accepted that I lack the funds to move closer to my job.

I've also gotten to the point that I think it is humorous that the first day I report to the new location is on a Friday the 13th.

But the final kick in the teeth is when mapquest flat out lies to you about how to get there.

Dirty rotten filthy stinking pig of a website.

And don't go telling me that it can't be expected to know the nuances of every street in every state. I'm not buyin' it. The directions it gave me once I actually got into the city of the new location were so bass ackwards it wasn't even funny.

Add to it the fact that I am directionally impaired on top of it and it made for a somewhat freaky drive. I do, however, have two things going for me even though I can't find my way out of a paper bag: 1) I can recognize when I've obviously gone entirely too far and will turn around to retrace my steps and 2) I am not a man - I will stop and ask for directions.

Which is what I did. I found a lovely elderly gentleman running a shop and told him where I needed to go. The conversation hit a snag there because he had trouble grasping why a girl would be looking for an engineering facility (his words, by the way). *sigh* I finally convinced him to just tell me how to get to the street it was on and I would figure out the rest myself.

His directions were mostly right. Had to stop a second time, this time it was a diner where I met a very nice man who worked as a taxi driver. I jokingly (sort of) asked him if I could hire him full time to drive me back and forth to work but when I told him where I live, he declined saying the distance was too far. That didn't make me feel much better.

Eventually I did make it to the engineering grounds. Kind of. I made it to the complex but I don't know what building it is. I was just happy to be in the vicinity of it.

Obviously I need to find a different route since I have no clue whatsoever how to worm my way back there. Oh, any by the way? Street signs would be really freakin' helpful! At one point I had to roll down the window and shout to the car next to me to find out what road it was.

I'm not happy.


I'm going to go take my frustration out by using this to stab felt repeatedly.

I finally caved and got one. Of course, it helped that Jackie suggested shared custody of it. I picked it up on my way home today and I'm going to go fiddle with it now.

Damn mapquest...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about that drive...how about listening to podcasts or books during the commute. Congrats on your new acquisition, you will like its usefulness!

kathy said...

You bought one! My daughter commented that I play with the one in the shop every time we go in there, and I'm going to take a class that uses one (or one like it). But that's as far as I'm going until I win a lottery. looking forward to seeing what you do with it.