08 June 2008

stabbin' stuff is fun

Its no Picasso, but it sure is fun. These are my first two trials with the new needle felting machine.

I like 'em both. There are a couple things I would do differently.

Like not use white felt as the base. That was a brain stall deciding to do that.

I have a bunch of really pretty wool roving that I had bought with the express purpose of creating abstract wool 'paintings' like this. Of course, after one session of felting by hand and having my wrist cuss at me on a daily basis for a week, it was apparent they were not going to happen.

But now I can stab wool roving to my hearts content.

The machine is super easy - after I got the correct power cord for it. When I opened the box yesterday I got confused. The power cord that came with it was a European cord. It had two prongs that were at a 45 degree angle to each other and the most bizarre shaped round head for them. One more trip to the store and with the right power cord and I was back ready to stab things.

I did manage to break one needle when I goofing around. No big deal. The viking machines let you change individual needles so it wasn't catastrophic.

I'm going to give some designs some thought and then go back to it. And the best part about it? My wrist isn't aching.

1 comment:

mary said...

yay the machine was easy!!!!
i never thought i would hear you say those words about a sewing machine! i am so happy that it did not grow another arm or something seeing what you went through to get it all together!
did you name it yet?