29 June 2008

it looked better in my imagination...

I swear, everything I have tried to make today has not worked out. I hope this is not a sign of the kind of week I'm going to have...

Have you ever thought of an idea late at night and thought to yourself, "Self? That's perfect! I'm such a creative genius!" So then you go to make it the next day and you think, "Self? What kind of crack were you smoking last night? This sucks."

That's about where I was today.

I spent lots of time at the needle felting machine today. I decided to try felting some things for some 6"x6" charity blocks I hoped to get finished today but honestly? They look like poo.

So then I started working on my block for Breaking Traditions and while it didn't look terrible, it wasn't what I was going for so I will need to switch gears on that.

So then I decided to work on a piece that I'm thinking about entering in a show that I've kind of been hemming and hawwing over about whether or not I wanted to enter it. Due date is coming up kind of soon so its time to get my bum in gear. I'd kind of like to post it for opinons but the show is strict and one of the major requirements is "no publishing, on blogs or websites."

Okay...but it kind of makes me feel like I'm working on a new version of the atom bomb or something. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh....don't look at it. I'll have to poke your eyes out with straight pins if you do. Move along, nothing to see here.

I gave up after three and a half hours of looking at what I was making and thinking "ick." (I can be a slow learner at times.)

So now I'm working on my website. Lots to do, much to update. I have to archive off last year's Breaking Traditions online catalog (which basically means shrinking the images and dropping off the artist statements so I don't exceed my storage space) and build the foundation page for this year's exhibit. I'm starting to go cross eyed off it so I think I may be done with it for tonight.

Tomorrow I will clean the studio and hopefully things will go more smoothly. I didn't plan much for tomorrow since little man is going to get his teeth cleaned. I'm a bit worried about him, but he'll be fine. I'm expecting he'll need a lot of cuddles once I fetch him home.


Sarah E. said...

I love your train of thought! And, your expletives are SO much milder (and more publishable!!) than mine are...but I imagine the spirit is the same!!! Thanks so much for sharing your frustrations!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have done that too! And today was a warmup, transition day.

Leann said...

Hey, Sarah, I hang with Lynn, and her expletives ain't so mild when yer talkin' to her in person.
Lynn, I think it's the moon or the rain or something, but creativity is slipping away for a lot of us.