24 June 2008

#s 0660-0665

About a year and half ago, I submitted some artwork I had done in a journal for a book, 1000 Artist Journal Pages. The book was just released and my copy came in the mail today.

Mine are pages 0600-0665. They are on pages 206 and 207 of the book (all the images except for the upper left hand one):

Its an odd thing to me to be published in a paper art book. My work has always revolved around fiber but this? This is no where near it. I haven't done much journal work since this book but I think I'm going to start again. I spent some time looking through the work of the other artists and I gotta tell ya, there's some seriously good stuff in there.

I chose to submit less personal pages for the book. Only one page, #0062, has any journaling on it and that is written very small, in between the text of the book that I altered. I wanted to obscure it, make it hard to read, make it something that was forgotten as soon as I had it down on paper.

But other artists in the book were far more deliberate with what they wrote and its really inspiring. In fact, it reminds me of Post Secret, except they've attached their names to it and are willing to take the credit for whatever brain leak they had that day.

If you get a chance to look at the book, take a gander. Its really pretty wild what people come up with.

Speaking of art books, I'm participating in a fiber art book round robin. Everyone made blank pages, picked a theme and set it loose into the group they were assigned to.

Deb picked flowers and butterflies and I took a deep breath, dug deep into my soul and managed to go all girly for her. Here's what I did:

A lovely pink/mauve dyed lace butterfly and silk ribbon embroidery flowers. No, no, don't worry. Aliens have not abducted the real Lynn and replaced her with some froofy imposter. I started fiber arts doing crazy quilting and there's no way around that stuff. I still have things left from that time and it came in real handy for this instance.

Hooray for the froofy!

On a more ludicrous note, I made the incredibly daft decision to try driving a different route to work today. I've obviously lost my mind. Let's just say that I got a nice tour of several cities that I've never really driven through and began to become unreasonably annoyed at other people simply for having the nerve to be driving on the same road at the same time as me.

So I'm going back to the other route tomorrow. I've decided that I will just have to suffer with it. Everyone keeps telling me I'll adjust and get used to it. Mostly it just makes me want to scream and run in the other direction but I've decided to give it a month and see if they are right.

What if they are wrong?

Send me a huggy coat. I'll need one.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for going into the uncomfortable zone for me!!!

Anonymous said...

And I was so distracted that I forgot to congratulate you on being published. Bring the book to RWS tomorrow, please.

michele said...

How exciting! I can't wait to get the book. As for the foofy: it is gorgeous!

Leann said...

Congratulations on the book, Lynn. That's fantastic. And your butterfly page is so, um, pretty!