21 June 2008

the beginning of inferno season

Today is the official first day of summer and I'm sure I will get many funny looks by saying this, but it my least favorite season. To me, its only saving grace is that its one of the shortest.

I hate heat. I hate sun. I burn easy and I break out in freckles like pippi longstocking. I consider summer the devil.

There are few things that can drag me out into the sun during the day, usually I wait until evening so I don't have to worry about catching on fire. (I'm very fair, no amount of sunscreen helps, summertime is a cruel joke to me.)

But today I did go out to the Northville Art Fair. It was a pretty nice fair, although I was surprised at how small it is compared to the one in my town. I still managed to score some cool finds:

Day of the dead skullie in purple and orange from Folk Funk Whimsy. The artist is Tammi Floyd, she told me the etsy site is still being stocked and based on what she had in her booth, there's going to be some good stuff going up.

I also picked up these:

Leaf photos from Mike Moats Nature Photography. These photos are absolutely STUNNING! He had so many to pick from, it was hard to choose. I'm going to swing by IKEA and pick up some frames for these. I'm thinking of picking up a couple more (he's going to be at the Plymouth art fair as well) to do a grouping in my bedroom.

And what pray tell would drag me from the confines of the shade and cool air in my house? (Aside from art.) Here's why:

The talented Sidney had a booth at the fair this year. She makes really cool jewelry, here's some of her newer items:

Seriously good stuff. I'm hoping she doesn't melt before the day is over, she was hot too.

The stress of the week has caught up with me. I had a complete meltdown yesterday when I got home and was ready to quit my job I was so fed up with everything. I also started to feel sick, like I had the flu or something. I'm a better today but now that I've been out for a bit, I'm feeling like a nap again is a good idea.

I'm going to spend the afternoon and evening putzing around with fiber. I've got several projects that have deadlines that are about to whack me upside the head. It seems that I fall into the same trap each year: everything is due in the fall and after all, this is only summer, I've got plenty of time!

Yeah. Sure.

Its not worked out for me so far so that means dragging myself into the studio and finishing up all the stuff that is half done. I have a company shutdown coming up in a couple weeks and I think there will be much art done during that time frame.

Stay tuned, art content (made by me) coming soon.


Yarnhog said...

No weird looks from this direction. I loathe summer. I hate the heat and fry like an egg in the sun (red hair, freckles, pale skin). And naturally, I live in San Diego, so it's summer a good nine months out of the year. Did I mention I love to knit--with wool?

Barbara H. said...

Same here, hate summer, hate hot weather. This heat wave is making me miserable. The house is hot...too hot to work with fiber. Also in SoCal. I dream of retiring in Oregon amongst the rain and shady trees.