01 June 2008

doodles - yay or nay?

Okay, so I fiddled last night with the crochet doodle thingies. I came up with these.

The idea behind this is that you grab some yarn, grab a crochet hook and then start plugging away. No pattern, no plans on where you are going to go with it. After you get several of these little random motifs, you attach them together to form a shawl or scarf or sweater or whatever you feel needs to be covered in oddly shaped crocheted splendor.

I kind of like it but I'm not sure if its a cool artistic thing or just a blobby mess. What do you think?

I am sure, however, that I like this guy:

He was created for a challenge for the doll group that I belong to. The theme of the challenge was games and one of my friends in the group (hi Emily!) scored me an Operation game at a garage sale (thanks Emily!). I've fallen for plushies lately so I went that route. I've named him Henry, the Ultimate Do-it-Yourselfer. He has read too much about surgery on the internet and has decided he is an expert.

In keeping with traditional psychotic Michigan weather, we are enjoying a cool breezy day. (The last two days have been much like living underwater, the humidity was a tad bit smothering.) Perfect for opening up the studio and cleaning. (What's that you say? I just cleaned it? Yeah well, I'm convinced Dooley goes up there during the day and just flings things about. It was messy again, had to clean it again, so shoosh.)

I snapped a couple pictures because well...the camera was set up for taking pictures of the Breaking Traditions blocks that were coming in and I'm still learning all the features on it. So I just sat there and goofed around with it. I am somewhat disturbed by these:

It makes the place look radioactive. The picture above being the creepiest since it features my Dia de los Muertos collection. Radioactive skullies...

No wonder Dooley gets fidgety when he comes to visit me. Speaking of which, he just stomped his feet at me and barked. I promised him a walk, need to go appease the westie or there will be no peace tonight.


Leann said...

Yeah on the blobby crochet thingies. Yeah on the operation doll! And I love the radioactive studio!! Very cool!

michele said...

Love Henry, I am obsessed with plushies and especially sock dolls.
Yay on doodles. they look much better than I feared when I read the description. myc in CO

Pattie said...

You are so busy - and you have a job! I am impressed! I love all the creations and wow that weird light - how did that happen?

Barbara H. said...

I think your freeform crochet looks great. It reminds me of examples in my friend Myra Wood's new book on freeform crochet lace. Good work! The plushie is neat, too.

Fibra Artysta said...


The weird light in the photos is just a filter on the camera that causes it to look like a negative of a photo.

My new camera has lots of things I haven't learned how to use yet! :)