05 June 2008

now enrolling

Have trouble relaxing? Can't seem to let go of daily aggravations? Have the pressures of work and home life wound you tighter then a rubber band ball?

Now there is a solution!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the master guru of relaxation:

Observe Guru Dooley demonstrating his technique.

Guru Dooley will teach you how to relax every muscle of your body, and let any stress drain from you body in three easy lessons.

Lesson 1: Thoughtful contemplation of resting spot.
Ideally this should be somewhere soft and out of the way of foot traffic. A blankie is a bonus.

Lesson 2: Finding the correct posture.
Guru Dooley will demonstrate different relaxation postures that result in your appearance being so heart meltingly cute that no one will dare disturb you. This is especially important for prolonging relaxation sessions.

Lesson 3: Deep breathing
To the untrained tense person/animal, this may sound like snoring but do not be fooled. It is the true hallmark of a guru to be able to meditate so deeply through any disturbance surrounding him/her.

Do not delay, Guru Dooley is waiting to show you the enlightened path.

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