11 January 2012

new ready-to-print designs in the shop!

While I know that one of the greatest appeals of thermofax screen printing is the opportunity to have screens made from your own artwork, I also know how enjoyable it is to grab a screen that's all set to go and get right down to printing.

With that in mind, I'm really pleased to bring you 25 new ready-to-print designs. And I gotta tell you, there really is something there for everyone.

Your favorites from the past year have remained and I've retired several older images to make room for new, fresh designs.

I've created an easier way to find the type of screen you want with new categories. Screens can now be found by looking in the following categories:

I'm really happy to work with super talented designers. And I thought you might like to meet the people that create these wonderful images for your screen printing pleasure. So without further ado, please meet the lovely ladies who are behind the designs!

Jackie is a mixed media fiber artist. Her non-traditional cloth and mixed media creations incorporate hand dyed, commercial & vintage fabrics, drawing & painting, hand & machine stitching, Thermofax screen printin, metal embossing, and whatever else sparks her imagination.

The fundamentals from which Jackie creates her pieces are her studio art and graphic design degrees. She combines these with the raw materials of her experience as a professional graphic designer and as a mother, wife and homemaker. 

For Jackie, creating art hasn't been a hobby, its been a need. No matter what limited resources she has at her disposal - tools, supplies, techniques, and (most elusively) time - Jackie is able to turn them into something the world has never seen before.

Unraveled by Jackie Lams

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 I am a mixed-media and textile artist living and working near Houston, TX. The last ten months has seen me obsessed with developing a very personal marking-making technique I call Stacked Journaling. Using only my handwriting as a design element in my art has intensely focused my creative energies while allowing me to inject much more of myself into my work than ever before. I utilize paper, paint, fabric, dyes, inks, wax, and a myriad of tools, as well as my thoughts, hopes, worries, memories and family stories to create my art.

Handprint by Judy Hurwitt

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Jennifer Solon is a collage artist who creates abstract compositions from hand-dyed textiles, papers and paint.  Using a variety of surface design techniques and pigment, Jennifer transforms plain white cloth into multi-layered constructions that often incorporate nature motifs and digital imagery. This process is highly improvisational, guided by intuition, a sense of play, and the joy of experimentation.

Inspired by her walks along the Maumee River, Jennifer often references the natural landscape with her use of organic forms such as seed pods and river rocks.  While not a literal translation, her work evokes the memories of a certain time and place. Jennifer's collages explore the simple and complex relationships between color, shape, and texture. 

Originally working primarily in fabric, Jennifer has transitioned to a more mixed media approach. Textiles - and the tactile texture they impart - still play an essential role in her collages. Recently, Jennifer has drawn upon her background in technology to create a series of digital collages that combine images from a variety of sources (including photography from her travels, digital renditions of earlier pieces, scans of the fabric she creates, and hand-drawn elements). Many of Jennifer's mixed media collages include digital imagery as a component. These images are also available as prints and custom fabric. 

In addition to being a featured artist on Quilting Arts TV, Jennifer has been published in Quilting Arts magazine. She enjoys teaching others and offers local workshops in a variety of surface design techniques. Jennifer lives in Perrysburg, Ohio with her husband and two daughters. For more information, contact her at info@jennifersolon.com.

Along the River by Jennifer Solon

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I enjoy many forms of art, including embroidery, doll making, watercolors, art quilts, printmaking, collage work, and all things strange. 


watercolors by Leann Meixner

The next item to be featured from the shop is something I've been working on long and hard to bring to you so check back to find out!


Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

Neat, neat, neat! (And thanks for the shout-out!!) Good luck with your etsy 2012!!

Kathy said...

Great job, Lynn! Makes me want to explore more screen printing as well as learn more about the artists with whom you are working. Thanks.