28 January 2012

from the studio

This is actually the view from the studio window last weekend. Doesn't look like this anymore but I wanted to post it to remind myself that its actually winter here. Looks more like autumn now, all the snow has gone. I'm in no way complaining but I've got this dread hanging out in the corner of my mind that one day I'll wake up and there will be twenty feet of snow on the ground and the westie and I will have nothing in the house but kibble and coffee. Okay, so the last part wouldn't be so bad but the first part would be less then ideal.

I've been working on several new pieces for a show that Jackie and I are doing in April. I'm working on a mixture of Remnant Collages and simpler more art cloth based pieces.

This particular one is being slathered in brighter colors (well, bright for me at least):

For the record? I fully expected those intensely hot vibrant screaming pink X's to not be intensely hot vibrant screaming pink X's once the paint dried.

They still are.

I'm committed to not attacking them with a bottle of brown paint. I think. Not sure. They make me kind of twitchy.

Here's a full on view of it along with a companion that was attacked with duct tape:

Guess I was curious about using brighter colors on some pieces. The urge has mostly passed.

These two are representative of ones that are based mostly on art cloth:

The one on the left is complete. For those of you who have visited my Spoonflower shop, the background was the basis for the print there called Overcast Morning.

I'm not sure if the one on the right is finished or not - what do you think? The background is the Blue Birds on a Wire from the shop. I kind of like the sharp structure of it but I don't know if I'm content to leave it alone. There's still time to debate it.

Jackie and I visited the gallery space and took stock of what sizes would work best . We need some larger pieces to create some drama and while this is outside of my comfort zone, there's a part of me that can't wait to see how this pans out.

I give you Beast #1:

And lest you say, "But Lynn, that's not so big", I offer you a comparison: I am 63" high. That means that this canvas is more then half my height.

This requires some kind of bizarre dance on my part to work with it the way I do the smaller sizes. I laid it flat on the floor and spun it around and gave it dirty looks and decided that when I work on Beast #2, I will do things differently.

Here's where I left it:

Those big white spaces need to be filled in yet and then I can get to work printing and layering and gluing and flinging paint about.

There is sort of a strange red, white and blue thing going on with this. Totally unintentional and not something I'm wild about but that's nothing paint can't fix so I'm not worried.

Things are moving along pretty well. I've got a deadline for myself in early March in the form of an appointment with a photographer to get high res shots taken. Nothing like a little extra pressure to get things moving, right? ;-)


Kathy said...

Nice to see you working in larger sizes...while I am trying to work smaller! Your smaller sized pieces help me to think smaller with detail so I can't wait to see how you translate that in the larger pieces.

Deborah Boschert said...

Jaw dropping. Seriously great work. I think the pink x's might grow on you. Could you add just one to left side of the piece to balance it a bit? Or not.

Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

Gorgeous work, as always, Lynn! Mind if I ask how you attach your fabric collage pieces to the stretched canvases? Gel medium?

Kat Campau said...

I love the pink Xes. For me 36" is about the right size, so you know how I feel about 4 by 6 or 8 by 10.

Nancy said...

Wonderful work!

Gerrie said...

What Deborah said - introduce some of that hot pink on the other side and it will sing!!

Jeannie said...

You have been a busy creating wonderful pieces of art! What if you knocked back the pink, but left a 1/4 inch of it showing? I think the birds on a wire piece needs a little something at the bottom - feathers, metal shiny objects? I love what you have started with the large canvas. I also am waiting for the other snow shoe to drop. A little snow in November, more in January, but we usually get most of our snow in February. Have a great weekend! Hugs to Dooley.

Jammie bowers said...

Very nice work lynn

Lesley Riley said...

Wonderful work! I love the 2 side by side. The one on the right is 90% done IMHO. Love the piece onthe left.

So big! That's scary and exciting to me but I know you can do it beautifully!

lynda Howells said...

Great that you are woprking BIG..l love BIG.xx love what l am seeing herexx I too am excite because l have just aquired a new studio come workshop so now l can go back to working BIG too....xxlynda

Ronni said...

I love the piece with the pink X's! They go nicely with some of the colors on the other side, although perhaps a touch of that bright pink on the opposite side would balance it more. I'm a big fan of bright colors and hot pink is my fave so I vote for leaving it in! Your remnant collages are really beautiful. - Ronni