21 January 2012

fiber art groups column #1

I admit that every time I publish an article it thrills me. How could it not? Its a mixture of two things I love - fiber art and writing.

So when Quilting Arts picked me up to write a series of columns about fiber artists, it was an incredibly gigantic HUGE thrill. The only thing that made it even sweeter was the decision to kick the series off by featuring the fiber art group that I belong to, Running with Scissors.

I could brag on them but I think our website and the article does a good job of showing off who we are and I truly feel fortunate to be part of such a fabulous talented group. Our article in the February/March 2012 issue discusses one of the things we do as a group, the Escape Artist Retreats.

I hope you enjoy meeting all of them and I hope the article inspires you to organize your own Escape Artist Retreat! :) 


Jeannie said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read your article. I am hoping the mailman brings my issue today. Out here in the sticks, it takes forever for things to arrive. Hope you are having a fun weekend.

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

I loved the article and seeing what you all are up to - I just wish it were a shorter drive!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Loved it...it was such fun feeling like I 'knew' you and all of the creative things your talented group does!

Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

*Bounce* I can't wait to read it! Congrats to you, you deserve such success!! :D

Jean Baardsen said...

Enjoyed your article! I read the whole issue cover to cover. And it's fun to see the little blurb about you on the contributors' page!

HollyM said...

I read your article and I was very interested in your group. I kind of feel all alone where I am.
I had my first article ever in this issue too. I'm pretty excited.