15 October 2008

quick! throw in a lifeline!

My studio has officially gotten out of control. My back is beyond cranky today so I decided to grab the siblings to this quilt and this quilt, lay down on the sofa to obsessively watch True Blood and stitch on them.

I can't find them.

The studio has eaten them. I remember fusing the layers together (that's how I baste), I remember placing them off to the side to get them out of the way, I even remember putting the spool of dark red thread by it because its what I used on the other two and I want them to be a cohesive series.

But apparently that is where the trail ends. I pushed things around (and made a bigger mess in the process) and talked to myself in a crabby tone. How does one loose four new pieces of artwork?!?

I even accused Dooley of conspiring against me. He's been pretty demanding lately, constantly yipping at me and griping because of the lack of attention he is getting. Believe me, I would not put it past little man to sabotage my stuff. Especially when he stood in the doorway during my search watching intensely. You could almost hear him thinking Oh! She's getting warmer! Warmer! Hot! Oh no, now she's getting colder! Ha!

*sigh* I'm considering telling Mary to bring me a roll of caution tape and just seal the room off. Seriously...an intervention is needed...


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teri springer said...

I'll send you a picture of mine so you won't feel so bad. My sewing machine is STILL in the car. I don't dare bring it in here as it would disappear.