02 October 2008


So I am not one of those people that will lament about the end of summer. I'm more along the lines of holding the door open and mumbling something like, "Don't let it hit your a** on the way out."

I hate the heat. More to the point, I hate the sun. My skin is beyond fair and I don't appreciate the really bright days. Mostly they just make me want to hide inside so I tend to prefer the more overcast cooler weather.

I was happy when august fell off the calendar and I was looking at september. It meant that cooler weather was on the way.

But really...

Cooler. Not cold. There is a freakin' difference...

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and had tossed on a light jacket. I took two steps out the door and thought, Yeah, not so much. I went back into the house and had to put on a wool jacket and grabbed one of my knitted scarves. When I got in the car, I will admit to staring like I was stupid when the temperature meter read 39 degrees.

I'm a bit annoyed that we seem to have skipped autumn. Its my favorite season and considering the fact that I had to suffer through disgustingly hot days that made you feel like someone was trying to smother you with a down comforter, I think I should get to enjoy my favorite time of year more then just a few days. But Mother Nature controls Michigan's weather with all the rationality of a woman with a wicked case of PMS and no chocolate in sight. I guess I shouldn't really be that surprised.

So I'm really enjoying the fact that although I need to put on extra clothes, I can walk outside without intensifying the freckles on my face. (Its so annoying, I can't even tell you. I'm fair and have freckles and my hair is auburn. I feel like a complete dork in the summertime.)

We actually turned the furnace on yesterday to get the dampness out of the air.

I do have one regret though, Dooley got a haircut. It would seem that was pretty much all the provocation the weather needed to turn on us. I dug little man's coat out from the back of the closet and I can't really tell if he likes it. Its an olive green corduroy number with big buttons on the back for decoration. He does look charming in it. I tried to get a picture of him in it but he gave me a dirty look and I told him I wouldn't shatter everyone's impression of his angelic image by posting his filthy look. I'm not sure if it was the camera or the coat that made him so moody.

So it would seem that summer is officially over and the cold weather is settling in. (Why am I hearing the music to Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?)


kathy said...

It was 100 degrees here yesterday. Just thought you oughta know. :-).

Leann said...

Hey, I'm holding out for Indian summer. I've always wondered why they sell so many cute sweaters and jackets in Michigan, we have such short springs and falls, it's short sleeves to parkas and back.

Yarnhog said...

97 here on October 1. 97. I have red hair, green eyes, and freckles, too, and summer is NOT my favorite season.

judy coates perez said...

It has been cooler here lately, but not that cold! yikes. my sister has complained about it being really cold in Maine since august. It was 80 degrees through september here and then overnight dropped into the 60's.

teri springer said...

Oh Lynn, I hear ya. Hot, humid Michigan summers are why I spend MY summers in Nova Scotia. Gotta love those ocean breezes!!

We are supposed to have a nice week for Fabrications. You ARE going....right????