21 October 2008

an honorable mention

I recently sent work in for an invitational exhibit, Breaking Boundaries: The Art of the Quilt. Its being shown in the hallway just outside Gallery 50 in Traverse City, MI. Curator Desi Vaughn was kind enough to send me a couple shots of the show since I wasn't able to make it out there. Below is a shot of the exhibit space.

I was also very tickled (perhaps even tickled pink) to learn that one of my pieces, Talk to Me I, (shown on the left in the photo below) earned an Honorable Mention.

I am thrilled to have one of my new works noticed from among the 100 works hanging in the show. You can read about all the award winners in the latest post on the gallery's blog.

The exhibit hangs until December 31, 2008 - please stop by and view it if you are able. Many thanks to Desi and the gallery for putting together a beautiful exhibit and inviting me to be a part of it.



mary said...


Judy said...

Good for you Lynn! It's a wonderful piece.

...........and thanks for my package, which arrived yesterday.

Leann said...

Congratulations!! How wonderful!

teri springer said...

Great Job, Lynn!! Always so nice to see your work hanging somewhere other than your own design wall!

How's that lace knitting coming?? I finished the back of the sweater and am now knitting the sleeves- both at the same time! If I can keep the two skeins from getting tangled up I will be thrilled!!


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