18 October 2008

he is plotting

I've said - on more then one occasion - that the only reason that Dooley gets away with being such a stinker sometimes is because he is so cute. He'll look directly at you when you tell him not to do something (and don't tell me he doesn't understand because he's a dog, he does. He learned what the word 'no' meant before he learned his own name. He was a challenging puppy.) and then turns around and does it anyway.

I've known for some time that he has issues with my laptop. He views it as an attention sucker and that means there is not as much of the coveted stuff thrown his way. But this morning I witnessed a long thought out plan put into action.

I set my laptop on my foot stool that I keep by my chair to go get some water. I do this all the time, its not unusual. One of the nice things about Dooley dog being an older boy is that he doesn't get into trouble as much as he used to so I don't hesitate to leave things near his level or on the floor. He usually just stares at it, gives it a sniff and then gets bored with it.

Not this time.

I walked back in to see him working to nudge my laptop over the edge of the foot stool!!!!

He very nearly had it past its center of gravity and it was beginning to tilt. When I shouted for him to knock it off he stopped, gave me a dirty look and then proceeded to lick it. I've known he has a hatred for the little silver block of machinery since he's figured out how to unplug my power cord (its magnetic so it pops out of the port easy, no harm done aside from annoying the hell out of me) and he has even taken to pushing on the screen with his paw when he wants attention.

But there has never been an attempt on its life before.

He's sitting under my chair now, snoring. Obviously he is in no way upset over the scolding I gave him. *sigh* Its a good thing I obsessively back up what is on my laptop, especially now that I know there is a hit out against it. He is more crafty then I gave him credit for. I have this image in my mind of walking into the mac store with a mangled laptop and me having to explain, "Well, I have this westie and he just doesn't care for your products..."

The laptop will be residing on top of the coffee table from now on. Little man has a severe disadvantage in that he is only about 18 inches tall. It doesn't take a lot of effort on my part to outmaneuver him.

I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing battle....Dooley vs. the laptop....this could get ugly....



michele said...

How cute and clever is Dooley? Such a sweet little man.

mary said...

one day dooley will rule the world and sam will be his minister of naps!

Gisela Towner said...

Awww, c'mon. Look at that sweet face...LOL!

Anonymous said...

He and Max need to become friends. I think he needs a friend.. how about 2?