17 October 2008

hot off the presses

2008 Breaking Trad...
By curated by Lynn Kr...

The 2008 Breaking Traditions exhibit is finally on the road, traveling to different destinations and I'm quite proud of it. When I decided to make the exhibit travel, I knew some kind of catalog would need to go with it. The artist statements for all the work in the show are really what drives home the intent of each piece and it was very important that people be able to read them when viewing the artwork.

I spent a lot of time shopping around on various book publishing sites and finally settled on Blurb.com. The catalog came together pretty easily and its now available for purchase from their site.

If you click on the image above, it will take you right to the catalog. This is an opportunity to have a permanent record of the exhibit. Although I also publish an online catalog, I will archive it off when the 2009 exhibit debuts. That means that the images of each quilt will be shrunk down to a thumbnail size and all the artist statements will be removed. So the catalog will allow you to have all of this information in a printed form forever.

Its a truly moving exhibit, one that is especially important during these times when all you hear on the news is about negative things. This exhibit highlights positive individuals and organizations that make our world a better place to live in. Its incredibly inspiring.

In fact, the catalog has been so popular since I announced it was available, it has made it to Blurb's bestseller page.

I hope you will consider getting the catalog and enjoy having this little piece of positive energy in your life!


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