25 October 2008

my own personal hades

I am by no means a squeamish person when it comes to movies/television shows. In fact, my favorite shows are Dexter and True Blood, neither of which are for the faint of heart. I've loved Carnivale, Six Feet Under (during which I was nicknamed Claire for the duration of the series) and a whole myriad of creepy macabre things.

I fully admit that I have a teensy sliver of a dark side that I often indulge. (Quit snickering, Leann...)

However, I do take issue with what is on the movie stations this time of year... Its gotten to the point that I turn the channel to QVC when I shut the TV off at night so that I'm not greeted by some poor girl getting her face sucked off by a zombie first thing the next morning.

I am a complete and total wimp when it comes to all things ghost. I am fine with the fact that they exist. I respect them. I respect them so much that I stay away from them entirely - and hope that they do the same for me.

The movies on right now (in honor of Halloween) cross the line in a big way for me. There are apparently many different ways for ghosts to terrorize people that I just didn't know about. The include, but are not limited to: inhabiting the TV and sucking you into it when you least expect it, skulking around the basement until you practically bash your head into the wall trying to run up the stairs to escape, possessing innocent looking dolls that will cheerfully stab you to death while you sleep, turning house pets rabid and resentful, making the walls bleed, covering the bathroom in maggots and bugs the size of monster trucks, sawing off pieces of you bit by tiny bit, and so many others that it would take me the rest of the night just to list them all.

My problem with the ghosts is that there really doesn't seem any way to stop them. They are as persistent as Dooley when he wants attention (believe me, if you experienced his tantrums, you would understand the power of that comparison) and it makes me uneasy that should I come face to face with a ghost who wants to suck my soul out through my ear, I would not have a way to defend myself.

Its a bad time to have a mental block when I'm starting to look at the TV like a torture device. And as I am in the middle of a block, I have nothing fascinating to blog about. It seems that a vicious circle is developing.

I think another trip to the bookstore is in order...either that or an online course in paranormal self defense...


mary said...

this post made me giggle....you big ol chicken...so hanging out at the cemetary at night with a thermal camera and a digital recorder is not in the cards for you...dammit now i have to totally rethink my christmas gift to you...bwhahaha! you know what i think is in order....YARN shopping!

Kim Hambric said...

A trip to the bookstore is always a wise idea. No ghosts there (most likely).

I didn't think that ghosts really terrorized people. I thought they were just stuck in their own little world. At least the ones I've come across have been that way.

For artistic inspiration, I find the best thing to do is look down. Hope the artistic blockage is short lived. Perhaps you should talk it over with your dog.