23 October 2008

{{insert mental image of banging head against wall here}}

There are a lot of things that I really enjoy about being an artist. Knowing that a part of your brain works in a mysterious separate way from the rest of you, being able to see inspiration in things that others overlook, feeling that thrill when something comes together in a way that really speaks to your intent.

But then there are times like today that I just want to chuck it all into a corner and forget about it.

I wandered into my studio today, intent on finishing up a couple new pieces that will shortly be heading off to a show. When I say finishing them, I'm talking about needing to do a few more tiny details, sewing the sleeve on the back and calling it done.

I picked up one of them, spent all of five minutes working on it and...got really really bored.

I sat there, looking at all the work I've started lately that I was so excited about and thought..."Eh."

This is not a good thing.

My blocks usually begin with boredom. The really frustrating thing about times like these is that the ideas don't go away, just the drive to execute any of them vacates the building. My studio turns into "that" room. I shun it in a big way, end up watching a million hours of TV, read about a hundred books and knit until my fingers hurt.

I really don't understand what brought it on this time. Usually its stress of some kind and while I'm antsy about the outcome of my back, I'm not feeling stressed. But the block is there, creeping its way into my studio. I am actually feeling pretty relieved that it waited this long to strike and I was able to get as far as I have on the stuff that needs to be done.

One of the good things that come from times like these are the cleaning fits. I figure if I can't make anything out of the supplies I have, I can at least organize them into submission.

So I'm wondering...what do you do to pull yourself out of a block?

I'll try anything at this point...including doing the chicken dance while wearing a pink tutu in the middle of a crowded mall.



Gerrie said...

Don't worry! This will pass. I have to do some sleeves tonight and I am not looking forward to it!!

teri springer said...

Ok, I would PAY, to see you do the chicken dance in a pink tutu in the middle of the mall.

I am where you are, Lynn. Came home from Fabrications all fired up and now....nada. I am using my timer to clean the studio. I set it for 20 minutes and I can't touch the computer or do anything else during that 20 minutes but clean. Then I srt it for 15 and do other stuff then back to clean. For some reason a clean studio screams at me to make a mess....so, back to work I go. I have some greeting cards to make and mail today so that will get me moving.



Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Teri. I clean, sort and organize(only art supplies). That always seems to shift the block aside. But sometimes a complete change of scenery and routine helps break down the block as well.


Kat Campau said...

I say you should knit, watch tv, eat snacks, look at craft mags and books, take a hot bath, give yourself a facial, do your nails, surf the web for strange things, smell all your perfumes and lotions, eat chocolate chips, tear things out that you want as inspiration, choose 3 books to give away, admit you never liked a piece of art, and decide not to finish it, buy good smelling soap and candles, send a nice note to someone out of the blue, turn on a bright light, string a few beads, make a satirical sketch of someone, choose your superhero name, choose your stripper name, smear some paint on a piece of art that has you stuck, stick out your tongue at it, put on heavy eyeliner all around your eyes and go to Walgreens, wear white socks with cropped pants and red shoes, cultivate an eccentric persona, pretend to be your identical twin, separated at birth, with the opposite personality, say you betcha, by golly, to the store clerk, mail yourself a love letter, watch a movie you know is sappy and make up dialogue, sing your favorite words of songs very loudly, as many times as you want, do the hokey pokey, dump out your underwear drawer and get rid of anything that is faded or stretched out, call me to go shopping.

mary said...

hey teri i have the video footage of that said chicken dance of her in the pink tutu....highest bidder wins.....bwhahaha....you know lynn that could be a good fund raiser,,,,a yarn fund! hahaha

pcoxdesign said...

I look at books in other mediums. Sometimes looking outside my current medium helps to spark a new idea or path. ( I hate having to clean any more than I have to with two small kids in the house!)

TAS said...

There is a book called "Nine Modern Day Muses and a Body Guard" by Jill Badonsky. Read it. It deals with bad voices, blocks, creativity all with a sense of humor. I have read many books on creativity, but this is the only one I own and have read more than once. Once you do, you will see why.