29 October 2008

because sanity is overrated

I decided that I didn't have enough things to do....so I signed up for this....

I've seen it in past years and was always intrigued by it. I can only imagine the frenzy involved in participating in this. I guess I'm about to find out. The challenge is to write a novel during the month of November - the whole thing. We're talking 175 pages/50,000 words.

In all honesty I'm a little bit of a cheater. I've already got 139 pages of a story working but really want to make that total much larger so I figured I would join the challenge and see if I could tack another 175 onto it.

Why do I think I can do this?

Well, my leave just got extended again and I've got all the time in the frickin' world right now to just sit around and wait for my surgery consult. (No, I'm not bitter or aggravated by that, why do you ask?)

Who knows what kind of literary spew I'll produce but hey, there are always revisions. Nothing needs to be perfect the first go around. (Its just a little something I have to chant over and over again about a thousand times a day. Being a damn Virgo has ingrained that perfectionist tendency into my bones and its a hard thing to beat.)

Ignore any weeping from the general direction of Michigan, its nothing to be alarmed about....


FunkyC said...

YES. You can do this, back surgery be damned. Write that book, girl.

michele said...

Why do you think you can do this? because you can, silly. Besides if you didn't try, the month will still conclude with or without your efforts, so why not have something really cool to show for it? whether it is a completed project, or a new branch in your journey - not to mention how it will change your life. Enjoy your new adventure. I'm excited for you.