04 October 2011

volume 1, issue 4 of the e-zine is out today! :)

My e-zine went out today and we're talking about labels and rules and things of that nature.

This book is also up for grabs as the giveaway this go around:

The book is by Kathy Schmidt. I first met here at a meeting of one of the Modern Quilt Guild chapters in the area. She was giving a lecture on how to let go of the strict rules of traditional quilting and let yourself design what you like.

She's way passionate about what she does. I like her, I think you will too. :)

(If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway for the zine, shoot me an email at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net.)

You can view the current e-zine here. And if you like the looks of it, you can subscribe here to make sure that you don't miss out on an issue.

Enjoy! :)


Bonita Rose said...

I loved your zine and your writing.. it was fabulous.. so so happy to be on your list! xo hugs

uggs on sale said...
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