08 October 2011

sketchbook challenge e-zine review - very cool!!! :)

Have you heard about The Sketchbook Challenge? If you haven't, don't waste another moment - follow the link and check it out!

Sue B collected a really outstanding group of artists and asked them to show you their journals. Not only that, but she asked them to post on the project's blog and give challenges. There are prizes and art flying everywhere and endless inspiration.

And now they've taken it one step further and put together an e-zine.

I got a copy of it and I have to tell you, its pretty outstanding. I've been thumbing through it (electronically, of course) a little bit every night and at 83 pages long, there's a whopping amount of information in there.

I'm so impressed, thought I'd give you a little run down of my favorite parts. :)

* Did I mention it was 83 pages? Yeah, way lot of information.

* Its written by thirteen incredibly talented artists who really know their stuff - Jane LaFazio, Kelli Nina Perkins, Jamie Finigal, Jane Davies, Lyric Kinard, Sue Bleiweiss, Carol Sloan, Carla Sonheim, Leslie Tucker-Jenison, Susan Sorrell, Judi Hurwitt, Violette Clark and Diana Trout. What a line up!

* The topics are vast - from drawing, collage, sewing, art quilts, design and screenprinting - including thermofax screen printing which makes me supper happy :)

* My personal favorites are Lyric's article about making bad art in order to make good art and Judi Hurwitt's Stacked Journaling technique that she's been developing for several months now. Jane Davies also gives great advice about working in a series and I'm always a sucker for Susan Sorrell's incredible hand embroidery so I was particularly interested in learning about how she translates her drawings into her work.

I could go on and on and on about all the wonderful things in there but the honest truth is that at $9.99, its a total steal for the amount of information provided by such a talented group. I'm happy to have it as a resource and I think you'll like it too! :)

You can pick up your copy here (you can even get a quick preview if you're still not sure you want it), its a quick download and you'll be on your way - have fun!

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