19 October 2011

stretching forward

1. Highway 127 - California, 2. Highway 250 - Reimaged, 3. Highway lights, 4. Highway 87, Navajo County, AZ

Its a long moment of concrete limbo, the part of my drive home every day that stretches forward and endless and strangely without a sense of time. Its the shortest leg of the trip, a blip on the journey. Yet the steady rumble beneath my car's tires, the gentle blurring of the view out the window are enough to transform it into a mini bermuda triangle where time ticks with an incredible laziness.


Deb H said...

And a great time to catch-up on Podcasts! :o)

Gisela Towner said...

Love the perspective in these pics! Perspective on roads to who-knows-where is one of my favorite subjects to paint.

FunkyC said...