11 October 2011

gift giving time! QA & CPS gifts issues

It somehow feels wrong to be thinking about the holiday season since it was in the 70s this past weekend (yes, Michigan weather is an expert at whiplash) but before you know it, they will be here.

Which also means that gift giving is upon us.

I don't know about you, but I love giving handmade gifts. But I need a decent lead time to get my act together so starting now doesn't seem like such an appalling idea. Want some help? Thought you might - Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors have got you covered.

I've got articles in both of their gifts issues to help you along your way of gift giving.

First up is Quilting Arts Gifts:

I've got a nifty little article on making garland that's a little more on the generic side so you can use it beyond the traditional holiday season (always a bonus):

There is a tremendous amount of projects and ideas packed into this little gem. I really like them all but some of my personal favorites are the "Felt Smartphone Covers" by Lisa Cox (I'll be making one of these when I get my new iPhone since it will be my first smartphone - yay!), "Rag Ball Ornaments" by Hannah Overman Koch, and "Mixed Media Art Leaves" by Jennifer Solon (I adore everything that Jennifer does, do check out her website, you'll like her too).

Much more goodness in there but those are the ones that I dog eared on the first run through it. You really need to flip through it many times to get a proper look at it all.

And then there is Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts:

My article is about snazzing up store bought placemats and napkins. Sometimes you just have to attack them with some of your own style:

As with Quilting Arts Gifts, CPS Gifts offers up a plethora of ideas.

The "Ornaments for All Seasons" by Laurie Mika are incredibly beautiful and look like antique tiles - I'm super impressed with them. I'm totally smitten with Cynthia Ann Dubber's "Fabric Forest, Mixed Media Topiaries". A couple others that I love are "Contact Paper Collage" by Roc Nicholas and "Key Keepers" by Jennifer Heyen.

Its pretty safe to say that there is something in these issues for pretty much anyone. Grab your copies and get making! :)


Oma's Patch said...

I picked up the Quilting arts one over the weekend, fun stuff ! I of course will have to do steampunked garland =)
I have been loving some of the cute juvenile prints out but have no good use for them yet. There is a nice size tote near the end of the magazine that I think I am going to use the basic steps to use up some of the cute fabric I can't resist.
Now I need to get my fingers on the CPS Gifts .... Hee hee =)

Deb H said...

Dang, it is that time again isn't it? I need inspiration too, I'll check them out today while at B&N.
Thanks, Lynn!

Jeannie said...

I really liked your garland in the QA issue. I haven't picked up the CPS issue, but as soon as I get to the box store I will. Love the placemats. Wishing you a wonderful week.

Kathy said...

Just got the QA mag and love the garland idea...it opens up so many possibilities for gifts. Very clever of you!