05 October 2011

my love affair with words

Its not really a secret that I love words.

I write here on the blog but in reality, its barely scratching the surface. I've got notebooks and journals and papers covered in scribbles and marching sentences. I daydream of owning an old typewriter:

I've been writing since I was a teenager. At first it was a way to get out of my own head (since I was quite shy and spent most of my time there anyway) but it grew into a shadow, a part that couldn't be separated.

A few years ago it went into overdrive during a particularly stressful period in my life. It was the only act of creating I could manage. The studio was barren during that time, anything that came out of it was forced and felt foreign but the words? The words never failed, they spilled out and pulled me away from the places I didn't want to be.

Now its become a ritual. Almost every project grows from some part of my journal, from an essay that can be manic or tidy or just random. Its the point that all things begin.

I was asked recently if I teach this - this way of creating artwork out of writing first. Its an interesting thought, I don't know how I'd give that to people but its been kicking around in my head now for a couple of weeks in a rather annoyingly insistent way.

For now I'm tucking the idea away but not out of sight. It might sound a little loony but I'm already planning projects for next year and this could be an interesting one to try to work out.


Susan Hemann said...

Go for it! Fab. idea!

Oma's Patch said...

I feel horrible about writing!
So many times I feel the words are useless, pointless, they just sit there...if I even know what to put down on paper (or screen).
Some of us struggle with that basic skill of getting the words out, identifying them. That would be something to address in a class, if it focuses on taking the words to the next level then those of us that lack the words may struggle to get going.
If the words are there I think it is a great way to discuss the thoughts and different ways to interpret them into something tangible. I enjoy working in groups, I love the experience of seeing how others react to the same object.

Lynda said...

Years ago I had one of those typewriters. Sure wish I would have kept it but not for typing but for the keys to make jewelry!! Writing has usually come easy for me - just getting it down. I have kept a journal for over 40 years and taught journal writing for the last 12. The challenge that I've worked on for the last several years is how to express those words with art. It's an interesting process. Since I show those art journals I'm less inclined to write openly so I limit my writing in them to a few words. Great post!