01 July 2010

lazy studio day

The tearing up of the house is in full swing. All in all its not as disruptive as I imagined it would be (although the random use of the nail gun in the foyer is enough to keep me on my toes...) but it does have me fleeing into my studio to escape. There is great comfort in knowing that room isn't going to be touched.

It feels a little bit like autumn today here in Michigan. Its cooled off considerably and there is a breeze moving through the house. I love it - but its made me a little bit too relaxed.

My work table above is what greeted me. Its relatively organized but I took one look at it and decided I didn't want to "work" today. I wanted to do something fun.

So I pulled out a tiny whack of fabrics and began tracing Wishing Owl bodies. (If you follow that link you'll see my sale table at the Running with Scissors holiday bazaar last November. If you make the picture bigger you can see a few owls stuffed into a basket on top of one the gray displays.)

Here is a view of the little guy that I decided to keep for myself:

And those are 18 new friends waiting to be stuffed and have their wishing pockets sewn onto their bellies. (They are rather flat and uninspiring at the moment.)

They also give me an excuse to buy some of the really cool graphic prints that are out there on the market. There is so much fabric that I love but I know I won't use in my more serious artwork. So these little puff balls give me an excuse to play with all that fabric.

I plan to just putter along with these when I feel like them. I might toss them up into the etsy shop when I finish a few. They are sweet little things. The idea is that you write down your secret wishes and put them into the little felt pocked on their tummies and they keep them safe.

Just a lovely little lazy studio day....


Kathy said...

Lynn--I realized after the Brighton meeting that your name sounded so familiar because I have been reading your blog and following the 12 Connected project. You belong to some interesting groups---it doesn't sound right to say that I'm a "groupie" but I have enjoyed your work. Kathy Schmidt

Yarnhog said...

Love the owls! Good luck with the renovation. I know how distressing that can be.

Deb H said...

My girls love the owls I got them last November - I may have to have one for me they are soooo cute! :o)