23 July 2010

and so it goes

My back is crabby. Which can sometimes make me crabby. Not this go 'round, though. Its sort of good timing, gives me an excuse to chill out for a couple of days while I wait for it to un-crab itself and allow me to get on with business.

I have done a couple little things here and there. I've been contemplating my umpa lumpa apron. I'm concerned about being assaulted by little orange men so I got to wondering how I could un-lumpa it. I decided Leann's pile-o-skullies design would do the trick:

I printed several repeats of it along the bottom, just under the row of pockets. I like the way the lime green paint shifted on the violet color, it has an understated glow now.

Maybe it will ward off the lumpas, sort of like garlic and vampires.

Cathy stopped by for a couple of hours on Wednesday night for a brief visit while waiting to do a pick up from detroit metro airport and we stuffed wishing owl bodies:

I love their chubby little bodies.

I think I'll concentrate on finishing up only three or four at at time rather then doing all fifteen at once. The last time I made these buggers I did almost twenty and by the time I sewed on the final button eye, I was ready to feed them to piranhas. I do love them but they are very time consuming so I think this time I'll just do a few at a time.

Cathy also brought me a tube of her reduran. I'm not bubonic plague looking anymore which means once my back allows me to get going again, I'll be doing a couple more videos on using thermofax screens. I've got several in the queue that I'd like to make.

I've been reading a lot too. I'm currently working on this book:

I'm really enjoying it so far. Its good to sit still long enough to really become absorbed in a story.

This book came in the mail today:

I've been a huge fan of Mochimochi for a while now. She's a never ending bundle of creativity with a side of smart alec - a most awesome combination. So far my favorite patterns from the book are The Grouchy Couch and Pigs with Wigs. I'll be making these for sure.

Having a laptop comes in handy at times like these. Although its more like a bellytop since that's where I prop it while I'm laying down.

I'm writing a guest post for another blog so that's the number one thing to finish up on my to do list today. Luckily there is plenty on that list that I can do with the bellytop so its not a totally unproductive time.


wlstarn said...

I read the novel a couple of years ago. All her stuff is good. did my Autism quilts make it to your house yet? I mailed them a week ago in a priority box.

Leann said...

I loved People of the Book, great read.
Love my happy skullys on the apron!

Yarnhog said...

Thanks for reminding me about this book. It was recommended to me some time ago and I forgot about it.