28 July 2010

tspau - do you belong?

I've set up a little flickr group called thermofax screen printing addicts unite! I know there are tons of screen printing techniques out there but this group is for people who can't get enough of thermofax screen goodness.

Its a new group. Only myself and the fabulous Judi Hurwitt of Approachable Art have images up so far but I know there are more of us out there, lurking in our studios, hunched over thermofax screens, printing with a maniacal grin on our faces as we bend fabric to our will...or is that last part just me?

At any rate, if you have anything that you've made using a thermofax screen (doesn't matter if you bought the screen from me or not), please come share your addiction. Its time we stood up and declared our obsession loud and proud!

Oh, and as an extra incentive - anyone who posts pictures in the group will be put into a drawing for some prizes later in the year.

Thermofax screen printing addicts UNITE!


Yarnhog said...

Oooo...now I can't wait to get printing!

Gerrie said...

When I get some time, I will join and load some photos!

Leann said...

I do now! Inspiring pics!