09 July 2010

this is what happens...

...when I have no concrete plan.

What you see above (in a somewhat wonky photo with an inconvenient shadow from my hot and cranky car) is another stack of boxes intended to be used in the work for the assemblage show I am in later this year.

Have I mentioned that? Can't remember. So hey, guess what? I'm going to be in an assemblage show later this year. (I walked around an art fair today and I think I may have sunburn on my brain cells - its like the sun sees me walking around and shouts "There's a pale one! Get her!!!"...)

Leann, Joan and I are going to be doing an assemblage show at the Coffee Bean in downtown Plymouth. Our work will be there October and November.

And Leann has instilled a healthy fear in me regarding the timeline and amount of work that I need to get done. In fact, its sort of giving me a twitch beneath my left eye. I'll have to remember to thank her for that the next time I see her.

Leann has a theme. Joan has a theme. I have...lots of boxes.

I kind of sort of have a theme but even that is feeling a little shaky at the moment. I have to make seven pieces and I'm totally undecided if I want to do them all in a common theme or bounce around making whatever strikes my fancy. Not a good place to be in when I have so much work to do.

The stack shown above is the third haul I've drug home plus I just ordered a bunch of craft plywood to build my own. Which I thought was a wicked smart genius move on my part - until I went to a killer yard sale at a barn today and found all those boxes above.

This happens every time I lack focus in what I want to do. I wander about consuming every little thing I can get my hot hands on "just in case" it will be the very thing that will make or break the project.

So let's take stock, shall we? So far I have procured boxes from the following places:

1) The local cigar shop

2) a couple garage sales

3) materials to build boxes

4) the yard sale at the barn today

I'm full up on boxes. I just need to make the assemblages now.

Maybe my theme should be boxes...


Yarnhog said...

So...that's totally what I was thinking: boxes.

You don't have kids, but I'm sure you know the box is the best part of any gift.

pklaw said...

Perhaps you are feeling boxed in by thinking that you need to choose a theme?!

The Scrappy Bee said...

Yes, the theme certainly seems to be boxes. Maybe if you thought of them as cubes made up of squares??

Leann said...

You've come up with a theme! You've come up with lots of themes!! I think your theme should be glitter.
Sorry about the twitch.