29 July 2010

would you like to be lectured?

No, not that kind of lecture.

A cool kind of lecture. About Modern Quilting and everything that that means.

It will be on Sunday August 15 at 2pm at the Northville Art House in Northville, MI. There is a fee of $15 payable in advance (this is how you guarantee your spot).

Rossie will lecture us all (in an awesome way) about Modern Quilting, show her work and let us ask her questions. It promises to be quite cool and a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you're interested, give me a holler to reserve your spot.

**I know I've had nothing artwise to show lately and that's mostly because the reno has finally advance to my studio area. Just window replacement and a couple other odds and ends but it has banished me from that room and made me twitchy in a completely unreasonable way (you don't think they'll touch my stuff, do you?). So for now all I have are reminders and generalness to post about on the blog. But I hate leaving it stagnant so I think its better then nothing. Don't you? I'm babbling. Okay, I'm done now. Come to the lecture, it'll be fun.


Beth said...

Hello, I am the managing editor of SEW Somerset. I have accepted some of your pieces for publication in the Winter issue. When I try to email you it keeps getting kick backed. Could you email me so I can fill you in? blivesay@stampington.com

Bonnie said...

I have had the same problem with your email. I want to go to Rossie's lecture, but where is Northville, is it near Plymouth? Also do I send you the fee? I missed the July meeting and didn't get to talk to you. Please send a message on Facebook. Thanks, Bonnie

pklaw said...

Are you sure this is the correct date? I thought the lecture was on the 15th?! Want to make sure I show up on the right day!