14 July 2010


I was all happy and content with my decision to paint my bedroom a warm pale pretty gray. And then I started thinking about it...(which never leads to anything good.)

I went to the paint store (again) and picked out samples (again). Now I have no idea what I want (again). The gray has been kicked to the curb and I've decided (at least on one thing) that I'm going to leave the chair rail up on the wall so I can paint the bottom half a nice bold color and the top half a neutral so that my artwork will show up nicely against it.

Now I just have to pick the bold color for the bottom. Really - picking paint colors shouldn't be this hard! This goes a little bit against my nature because I'm not really an indecisive person. This is honestly making me crazy (again).

I'm leaning toward the combo closest to my foot in the picture. Its Lost Kiss red and Westhighland White (no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I have a westhighland terrier, how could you imply that?)

I'm a fan of arts and crafts colors, its my favorite architectural style/colors. Which is probably why I like nice the rich bold ones. Since I'm only painting the bottom of half of the wall a color, I feel like I can get a little wild with it and not worry too much about it being overpowering. My bedroom furniture is a blond color so it will really pop against a rich tone.

Any opinions are most certainly welcome.

Perhaps I have color on the brain because I've been working on this quilt:

I can't show you the whole thing just yet. Once the opening reception has passed I'll post a complete picture of it. Those are sacred hearts that Leann drew for me and I made thermofax screens out of. I'm really pleased with how the fine detail of her drawing came out so clearly.

Dooley is completely unimpressed with my color dilemma and current quilt project:

Can't you just feel the boredom radiating off him?

Back to staring at colors. I have to decide soon before the painter decides to flee the house in frustration...


Yarnhog said...

I like that Lost Kiss red for the bottom. And I think you're right; it will look great with blond furniture. Although I'm not normally a fan of white walls, if you're going to hang your artwork, a white background is perfect. The artwork will undoubtedly stand out beautifully and provide all the color and pattern you need. I can't wait to see how it turns out! (I love to paint and repaint my walls. Noting else is as fast, easy and inexpensive, and you can make the most dramatic changes with paint. Don't worry too much about picking the perfect color. It's easy enough to repaint if you hate it.)

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

Oh Lynn, I soooooo feel your pain, I'm going through this right now with my living room colors. I just can't make up my mind!

Kathy said...

I am absolutely terrible at making paint color decisions, so I feel your pain! I believe I have every paint chip the store has and some of them twice...and my bathroom is STILL not painted. How can it be so hard for those who work with color every day? Another of life's mysteries...but as my husband says, 'It's only paint. If you don't like it, paint over it!' Good luck with your decision.

Katrina said...

Looks like you already enjoy that color combo...behind the puppy!
I have a little darker red with antique white on top and black chair rail. Very relaxed library yet formal feel to the room.
So glad I went with my heart, I feel at home there!