17 July 2010

paging violet beauregarde

I've been looking for an apron for a while now that I can use to stop the ever growing supply of studio work clothes I've been creating. You know how it goes - you think, "Oh I don't need to put my work clothes on, I'll be careful" and two screen prints later, you've added a new member to the paint shirt brigade.

You wouldn't think finding an apron would be so hard but when you're short and not of the very skinny variety, its not the easiest. I finally located one I really like. Its a natural canvas color (something of which I am extremely fond of) and I've been happily using it since I picked it up.

But to be honest, it was beginning to look like some kind of bizarre graffiti experiment - and not in a good way (particularly after the lime green paint incident of which we will not speak). So I decided to dunk it in some dye using a packet of violet dylon dye:

I like this dye for quick one off projects when I don't feel like hauling out all the procion and chemicals.

Plus it gave me an excuse to christen my new friend in the garage:

This utility sink was hooked up about a week ago and I've been looking for an excuse to use it ever since. Violet dye is a brutal way to begin but hey, the little guy's gotta have a strong backbone if he's gonna play with me.

And that's when I began to wonder if I should have chosen a different color. Visions of Violet Beauregarde sprung to mind. But the only other colors I had on hand were red (which I was worried might fade to pink) and yellow (which would either make me look like big bird or like I had jaundice). Violet seemed like a no brainer.

After half an hour of mushing it about and then tossing it through a wash, I had this:

Warn me if you see some umpa lumpas coming after me, will ya?


Gerrie said...

I have a wonderful waterproof apron with the SDA logo that I usually forget to wear. I have so many paint and dye splotched ourfits.

Gerrie said...
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Leann said...

Soon it will be covered in wonderful paint and dye splotches! That's when it gets really beautiful!!

Pattie Wall said...

I have one thing to say - we are not worthy...I love it!!

janice said...

Lynn, don't like the color?? I'll take it -- it's right up my color scheme. LOL