30 November 2009

the big day

This past Saturday I took the plunge into selling my work. Sidney organized an art bazaar for the fiber art group we belong to, Running with Scissors, and she did a most awesome job of pulling us all together.

All the stock I've been working on for the past couple of months finally got to come out and play:

I've decided to split my work into two shops - Fibra Artysta and Mixed Bag Designs. I'll talk more about that later, still trying to get things organized in both camps, should be set to go by the end of the week.

One of the most exciting things about doing this is that every single table reflected the artist's personalities and showed how diverse our group is.

Check it out (click on the pictures to make them bigger):

Top to bottom: Kate of Oma's Patch, Leann of Wicadoo and Mary of Turtle Creek Quilts

top to bottom: Deb of Life in Stitches, Janice and Kat of Stitchnut

top to bottom: Barb, Carol and Cynthia

Because I am a total dork in every single way humanly possible, I neglected to get photos of Stephanie's and Sidney's tables. *sigh* The two people who did a large portion of the work and I put off taking pictures of them until, well, the day ran out. Visit their links so that you may admire them, they are completely admire-worthy.

The turnout for the show was really good, especially considering this was our first run. In addition to the tables and the shoppers, we were lucky to enjoy a performance from the Oakland Choral Society:

It was a really nice addition to the day and some very talented singers.

All in all, the experience was great. I sold nearly all my stock for Mixed Bag Designs. What I do have left will get tossed up into the etsy store by the end of the week and then I'll do a little talky talk here about how I'm going to play this out. I don't want to turn this blog into one big commercial so that's why there is a separate one set up for it. But I'll babble more about that later, still trying to recover from all the hubbub.

Not to mention the fact that my house looks like a cyclone hit it and its time to start digging out from underneath it. I swear, there has to be something like a cleaning fairy somewhere in existence, need to trap some of those little buggers and put them to work...


Sid said...

I swear if I didn't have to get ready for my open studio this weekend I would show up at your door today to start organizing your studio!

Stephanie said...

We should plan a day for that! I can bring Nate, he can handle the tear it down portion of the project and Sid and I will handle the put it back together portion!