03 July 2008

when coffee mugs go bad

Mary and Mark gave me one of these today. (Click on the left hand square in the second row and make sure you press the little play button right below if for the full effect.)

I expect that it will only feed the opinon of my co-workers that I am strange and bizarre but I think it will be a useful weapon for scaring off the less brave.

There's also this one (the next square over from the pink one) but its kind of dirty sounding.

Ah yes, nothing like a freaky coffee mug to sing weird songs to you while you are waking up in the morning.

Does it get any better?


kathy said...

hysterical. I want the panic button for school...

Sarah E. said...

How cool is that! I want the panic button, but I loved the "bring on the Joe" one, too!