31 July 2008

beating back the boredom

When I was 24 years old I managed to blow out two discs in my lower back. I had surgery to correct it but its never been the same and its never stopped hurting. To say that it has made my life interesting is an understatement in a big way.

Every so often my back decides to assert itself and remind me that it is solely in control of my life. This would be one of those times.

I have been stuck on the sofa for two days now and will remain velcroed to this poor piece of furniture for the next three days. Doctor's orders.

Aside from the fact that the drugs have me mildly stoned and I am trying to talk my spine out of its crankiness, I'm faced with a big problem: boredom.

I don't do well sitting still and I had a pretty strong feeling before I went to the doctor that there would be enforced bed rest so I made the proper preparations in order to entertain myself for the long days ahead.

Here's the list:

1) LOTS of reading material

I had a pile of magazines I picked up that I didn't really get to read as thoroughly as I would have liked so I drug them down to the coffee table. Plus one of Jodi Picoult's book. I recently discovered her and really dig her writing style. I have her new one - at work. I grumbled bad words when I realized that but since I have no desire to drive two and a half hours round trip to get it, I'll have to make do with this one.

The magazines are endlessly entertaining. Allow me to share:

  • the latest Quilting Arts magazine - hey Sid? You totally need to check out page 81.
  • Belle Armoire - not a magazine I get all the time but there is some cool stuff in there and I now have the desire to fashion thousands of tiny little bird's nests out of wire (directions in the magazine) while I lay here staring at the ceiling
  • Knitscene and Knitsimple - bring me my needles. I want to knit every single thing in there, regardless of my skill level or lack of sufficient yarn to complete each project. I'll make it work. (I blame the drugs for this way of thinking.)
  • Spin off - I don't spin. But now I want to. (I should have left this one on the shelf, I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head.) But I likes it and they are educating me and....oh, this could be bad...
  • Craft - another one I buy sporadically, mostly because it has a hefty $15 price tag on it. But its very cool and I'm convinced someone there had Leann in mind when they wrote articles on how to alter converse.

2) Something fiber arty-like...

I decided to try knitting or crocheting while laying down. I quickly remembered (after a double pointed needle practically got lodged up my nose - don't ask) that knitting was bad, but crocheting was possible.

I had seen a pair of fingerless gloves online that I liked so I decided to do my version. Here is the first one:

I completely winged it, no pattern. I basically just kept shoving it on my hand to see if it was long enough, snug enough, etc... I was somewhat disgruntled when I realized I had written nothing down...and I have more then one hand. I guess I gotta wing it a second time.

Came out pretty good, although it could just be the drugs making me think that...At any rate, I'll have a pair of these by the end of my sentence.

3) Antagonizing Dooley.

Ah, this reminds me of the grand old days when I would taunt my brother, run away and then look all innocent when my mom would have to come into the room to break up the screeching.

Little man desires to lay on the sofa I am set up on. Too bad. Mine, all mine. You can't have it. Neener-neener-neener...

4) the stupid box

Ugh. Man, TV gets old quick. Although I did get to watch craft shows today, something I usually totally miss due to the day job thingie. I watched Martha Stewart crafts...has anyone else noticed that she talks like she just swallowed half a bottle of Valium? Someone seriously needs to give her voice inflection lessons, I actually nodded off...

I'm runnin' out of things to do already - and I've got three more days to go...

Send entertainment if you can, I'd be grateful. (So will Dooley and my mom.)


Kim Hambric said...

Aargh. Sorry about your back. How maddening! Try to enjoy you croceting, your mags, and your drugs. And try to make the best use of Martha. Too bad I can't drop you off a load of entertainment. Get well soon!

Yarnhog said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your back! What a drag. I am giggling at the mental image of a dpn stuck up your nose, though. Isn't that how they got the brains out of corpses to make mummies in Egypt? Knitting needles?