26 July 2008

things i never thought i'd say

Two phrases came out of my mouth today and made me feel just plain weird.

1) I spent all day at the sewing machine and got a lot done.

Huh? What have you done with Lynn? Seriously...the sewing machine? I know, I know, I've had one for a while and only used it for piddly little things not befitting its wonders. I realized today there were actually deep seeded emotional reasons for that (which aren't all that fascinating to listen to so we'll skip it).

But the thing is, I'm tired of how long its taking me to make things and my wrist is cranky. I'm somewhat of a slave to the wrist, must do its bidding and since I can't really seem to figure a way to live life without it, I needed to find a way to appease it.

Thus the sewing machine and I had a talk. Its kind of like dating, we are still getting used to each other and I've come to the conclusion that its not necessary for me to do super fancy stitching in order to machine quilt my work.

Seems obvious, doesn't it?

Well, what can I say? Sometimes I'm a slow study...

So we are stitching along, and things seem to be going well and the next time I feel like giving myself a severe migraine, I'll try doing free motion quilting.

And phrase number two of the day:

2) Dooley! Quit licking sister friend's quilt!!!

Allow me to clarify as that could be misconstrued...the quilt consisted of fabrics that had been tea dyed. And smelled fruity and yummy. And as my cutting table lives in my storage unit rather then my studio (a completely logical arrangement), many times work in progress pieces get set on the floor.

Enter the furry white fiend seeking attention. He is denied attention so then turns his attention to said yummy smelling quilt resting on the floor. In a pissy tantrum that would impress the most temperamental two-year-old, he places his two front paws on one end of the quilt and proceeds to completely saturate the other end with dog spit.

Sister friend (that's me, by the way) then turns around and screeches the above phrase. You can hear audible giggling down the hallway as my mother is amused by my frustration.


While I am pleased that little man is able to navigate the stairs again, it has made for a more interesting work environment in the studio. He often likes to do his bear rug impression directly behind wherever I'm sitting or standing so I've developed an incredibly bizarre new style of dance in order to avoid squishing him.

So that's how my saturday went today. All in all it was a successful art day. Photos soon. I'm too tired and far too lazy to drag myself upstairs and push the little button on my camera.

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