14 July 2008

caution: westiehugger blogging

Okay, this is fair warning that this is an incredibly gushy post about my dog and how cool I think he is so if you go into sugar shock from reading stuff like this, you might want to skip it.

Last week, while filling my ever growing need to consume blog posts from my favorite bloggers, I happened upon this post from Eyembellishments. I literally squeaked out loud when I saw it. I don't go girly over many things but when it comes to my little man, I channel my inner girl and squeal over his cuteness. (Truth be told I get all geeky over pretty much all dogs but the worst is when Dooley is around. My voice goes up two octaves and I am incapable of speaking in anything but baby babble. Its mildly embarrassing but not enough for me to quit doing it so just pretend you don't notice it when you witness it.)

I met Michele of Eyembellishments at IQF this past April and fell in love with her ceramic buttons. Her stuff is way cool, and she's got an online store with lots of goodies too. I snapped up this set the second I saw it, just couldn't resist. I received the buttons today and they are just so adorable!

I was especially excited that they were a set of westies. Dooley is actually my second guy, we got him when our first westie, Quigley, was eight years old. So at one time there were two westies bouncing around the house. I want to do a little tribute art quilt to my boys so these are perfect, especially with the heart in the middle.

I decided to introduce them to Dooley.

He may not appear enthused (in all fairness he was napping when I started bouncing the button in front of him) but he did give it a good sniff and kept examining it so it has received his seal of approval.

I just look at him as he snores on the sofa next to me and think how lucky I am to have such a sweet boy in my life. Some people say he is lucky to have such a nice life but honestly? I think I'm lucky to have him. (Whoa, that was so gushy and girly. I think I filled my quota for the year just with those last three sentences.)

Here are a couple more cute photos that I couldn't skip posting:

I love the freckles on his paws.

Okay, enough now. I love the buttons, I love my westie, all is well with the world tonight.

Go hug your dog (or cat or hamster or snake or guinea pig or lizard or whatever pet you have that makes you gush). Happy hugging.


Yarnhog said...

Oh yeah, you've got it bad. Which I know because I do, too. I'm a total dog sucker. I cannot resist petting strange dogs and telling them how wonderful they are while they lick me on the chin (often to the astonishment of their owners, who think their dogs are unfriendly). And my baby? Spoiled. Rotten. I have adored them my whole life, even though my parents can't stand them. It seems to be completely inborn. Fortunately, I married a man who's just as crazy about them as I am!

michele said...

We must be strange ladies indeed. I have not seen anyone else before today that has pictures (I have pictures and sketches) of their pets' feet.
Never apologize for that love, makes the world livable.

Gisela Towner said...

I wrote to Michele after I saw this post and I'm getting some too. My best bud Joe has a pair of miniature schnauzers named after Patsy and Edwina (on the Brit comedy Absolutely Fabulous), so mine be be coming with a little martini glass stamped with their initials! Thanks so much for the hook-up to a PERFECT gift!