29 July 2008

the battle wages on

So I set a schedule for myself in terms of getting projects done. Partly because my day job demands that I behave in a disgustingly efficient manner (and those habits spread like a plague into other areas of my life) but also because when I compiled the list of things I needed/wanted to complete, it scared the bejezzus out of me.

I kind of got all sweaty thinking about it all.

So I sat down and decided to ration out time and take a serious stab at crossing each one off. July and August are for me to finish up my artwork, September is for exhibits. So I've got about four more weeks to wrap things up. (I just got a little woozy there...)

So far it has been working, although I have noticed that the universe has a somewhat sick sense of humor. There have been obstacles that, well, just aren't nice. The universe needs a firm talking to, either that or a good whack across the back of the head.

Here's how the score is coming along:

Rotary cutter: 1 ; Lynn: 0

New blades in a rotary cutter are a real treat - until you mow over the side of your index finger with it. I'm still not sure how it happened, I suspect nargels (sorry, been watching Harry Potter lately) but I can't be sure. Seeing as how I am pale as a fish belly, I can now add a new lovely red scar to the every growing collection I have aquired due to my clutziness.

Dooley: 1,349 ; Lynn: 3

Little man does not like to be ignored. When he feels he is not getting the proper amount of attention, he will not hesitate to engage in the following forms of anger:

1) Using his stubby little legs to push on the tall skinny legs of my ironing board while the iron is on top of it set to its usual lava level of hotness.

2) Sitting next to me and yipping like someone is ripping out his guts right there on the spot. Seriously, are boy dogs supposed to be able to squeak in such a high pitch? Makes me kind of regret the whole nuetering thing...

3) Dragging away fabric that is on the floor. (My floor is also a large portion of my work area so when I'm really in the groove, it looks like a fabric factory puked all over it.) I have found fabric in the bathroom, on the stairs, in my mother's bedroom, in my bedroom and stuffed behind the couch in the living room. Apparently he does not realize that there is way more where that came from...

4) He will employ all of his cuteness in order to get attention. This includes wagging his tail while looking at me sideways, hopping up against me and gently tapping me with his paw and boucing around my studio with a fuzzy squeak toy. When this does not work, he will throw himself down, face his butt towards me and sigh repeatedly. He is such a drama queen.

Sewing machine: 10,456,901,33 ; Lynn: 19

Its not been too cranky. (Please dear reader, cross your fingers, knock on wood and say a hail mary for me.) Although there was the time when it decided it did not care for the manner in which I had threaded it and proceeded to chew a little hole in what I was attempting to quilt.

Never knew it could make a sound like that. (It was fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.)

I'm convinced it was the pink thread I was using. Even my sewing machine cannot tolerate the color, which actually endeared it to me. After I switched it out for some brown thread, it went to work with absolute determination. I think that proves the point right there. Pink = evil.

Distractions: 433; Lynn: 109

The yarn is speaking up lately and quite frankly, bordering on heckling. I picked up a magazine the other day called knitsimple and found a cardigan sweater in there that I...well...I ordered the yarn to knit it...

Oh shut up.

I know I said I'd never knit a sweater but this one looks like something a monkey could do. Which makes it the correct skill level for me. Plus I found some yarn in the same gauge for way less dough then what the patterns was knit in ($10.95 for only 130 yards and I need 12 balls of it? Umm...no. Me thinks there is cheaper yarn out there somewhere....all hail Webs.)

But I promised myself I'd wait until august is over, it can be my stress relief when I need breaks from exhibit duties in september. (Remind me I said that when I'm obsessively looking up directions on how to do something the pattern calls for and cussing at my stupidity for deciding to do this...)

Which means I have to work in my mom's socks before the end of this month. She gave me the MOM look when I showed her the sweater. You know the one...all it takes is the tilt of the head and the correct angle to roll the eyes at and she doesn't need to speak a word.

Yes, your socks will be finished before the sweater is begun...

Work: {blogger doesn't have the symbol for infinity}; Lynn: 0

I don't think I need to address this one. We all know the time suck that is the day job. Moving on...

I'm hoping to have pictures to post soon. My studio is an absolute pig sty - which means there has been work going on and I feel absolutely boring when it comes to blog fodder lately.

I probably need to do some cleaning before I get to work this weekend. Actually being able to see the floor would be a good thing...or my work table...or the trash can...

I am determined to defeat the calendar. Oh yes, I will win this time, I will win, just you wait and see....


Anonymous said...

You have given me a good laugh tonight! Dooley is so hilariously cute too.

Leann said...

What?!?? You were sewing with PINK thread?!???