06 July 2008

blog facelift

So I got bored with how the blog was looking and it was also the perfect procrastinating excuse I needed for not dragging my butt into the studio.

I thought a white background would look good but mostly it looked harsh and abrasive so I went with a light grey (gray? grey? or however you spell that color that comes between white and black) instead.

And I put up a new banner. That was my table at Open Studios during IQF in April. I tortured it in Photoshop to make it more washy looking and now I'm fiddling with the blog title color. Still not sure I like the white but its something different so I'm going to leave it alone for now.

Okay, now I need to go do something productive. Its the last day of my vacation before I return to commuting 400+ miles a week for the job that I have come to love and adore and can't imagine living without. (Insert appropriate amount of sarcasm there.)

**Went back to the white. The grey/gray/color in between black and white was kind of depressing to look at. I'll probably change it again. Maybe I'll just make a game out of it and pick a new color every day until I find one I like. Or maybe I'll just stop obsessing and leave it alone. Which one do you think is likely to happen?


Leann said...

I like the new banner, very cool.

Leann said...

ooo, now it's yellow!