10 July 2008

sick twisted marketing people

I’ve never had any tolerance for the whole ‘Christmas in July’ campaign. In fact, I often give the TV the middle finger when those commercials come on. I don’t know why but it just irritates me to no end.

Now, I’ve had my share of retail jobs in my lifetime. Up until I became an engineer, I worked at the Dairy Queen, Borders bookstore, Meijers, Bath and Body Works and several other jobs that exposed me to the wonders of customer service. So I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the fact that retail stores start receiving holiday items about six months before they are due to be put on the show floor.

The thing that I’m seeing now, is it seems that they are actually putting it out as soon as they get it.

I was at Michael’s craft store a couple days ago and there was some poor employee stocking a display with Halloween items. I’ve always found Michael’s to be by far the most amusing when it comes to holiday displays. They start out with the Halloween items and then directly across the aisle they do the Christmas display a few weeks later.

It creates the most disturbing atmosphere. While you hear cheerful little elves singing about being good children and happiness, you also hear some poor person screaming in horror because a vampire is trying to rip their throat out. Its absolute genius. Nothing like traumatizing poor little children into madness by lacing holiday songs with screaming Halloween victims.

Its like some bizarre Death Match between Santa and Zombies.

I think someone really needs to review that policy. I’m trying to imagine what that presentation looked like when it was pitched.

“Well Jim, we think that there simply isn’t enough marketing time with Christmas alone. Let’s really pump up Halloween. In fact, let’s try to combine them and I have the perfect solution on how to do that!”

I actually witnessed a kid crying last year over the whole thing. The creepy skeleton trying to pry itself out of its own grave just doesn’t belong next to the Christmas stockings. Call me crazy.

So the next time you are in Michael’s, keep an eye out for that display. The first phase of construction has begun, little faux potion bottles and cute witches that have slammed into doorways are popping up. Shouldn’t be long before Santa arrives to smack down the evil forces of Halloween. Should be a good time.


Sarah E. said...

lol, puts a whole new meaning on "visions of sugar plums danced in their heads"...is it REALLY sugar plums?????!!! You have firmly established the Twilight Zone of holidays!!!!!

Gisela tpwner said...

OMG! I've seen those displays, but you've put it in a whole new perspective for me! Too funny. Now I have to mop up the spewed coffee on my keyboard...