11 September 2011

SAQA benefit auction begins on monday sept 12! :)

on the wire 2 by Lynn Krawczyk

Every year Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) puts on a big shin dig auction of small art quilts. They do a reverse auction which means the quilts begin at $750 and then the price drops down to $75 over the span of six days.

Of course, if you choose to wait for a cheaper price, the work you really want may not be there since its totally first come first serve.

I donated the piece you see at the top of the post, on the wire 2. Its mounted on canvas so its all set and ready to go and has tons of thermofax screen printing (yay!) and mud colors in it (yay again!).

My piece is in the first group to up for auction and it begins Monday September 12 at 2pm EST. I'm on page 1b. All the info on how to bid on the artwork can be found here.

There is a tremendous amount of fabulous work in this auction. All of the proceeds go to support SAQA's efforts to educate the world about art quilts and its a mighty fine cause if you ask me. Everything that they do is based on donation support so if you are inclined, please check out the auction and find yourself a piece of artwork you simply can't live without! :)

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